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I went to the factory and ordered 4 xl bean bags and a sofa, they were so friendly and professional, and the material is so good , highly recommended and there was someone called Ahmed in the sales dep, he was so friendly and he even help us with our choices and colors.

ناس متحرمة جدا و ممتازة و ربنا يوفقكم تستاهل اكتر من 5 نجوم

مرسي جدا جدا .. وصلنى اليوم كيس كبيييير فوم رجع البين باج زى الاوى كده الى يشترى مرة يضمن لو هبط وهو فالضمان تبعتوله الى يرجعها زى الاول تانى وكده منخافش الى جاب مرة يجيب التان والتالت مرسي مرة تانيه

Why buy from Bomba ?
No one makes bean bags like Bomba Beanbags.
Since 2015 Bomba is the biggest manufacturer bean bags in the Middle East.You will not find like us, because we are the best in the world of Bean Bags.
Let’s face it, bean bags are far more fun than any regular piece of furniture. They’re far comfier too. Not only will our bean bags provide your home with a modern feel, their orthopedic design will mean you can relax in complete comfort, safe in the knowledge that your body is being taken care of properly.
Don’t believe us?
Just try buying from Bomba Bean Bags and you will believe it from your experience.

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